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Сентябрь 2017

Молитвенные нужды служения (на английском)


Brothers and sisters! Greetings in Jesus Wonderful Name. 

It is great privilege and honor to serve our Lord at such crucial time. Thank you for your faithful prayers and generous support. We are grateful to God our Father for your sacrificial help in the building up of His Kingdom and rescuing those precious souls. The love you have shown towards the Name of Our Lord and spacious Jesus Christ has been a great source of blessing and encouragement to all of us. God still have His people who are willing to sacrifice for His Kingdom.

Following are prayer points we are requesting you to uphold in your personal prayer time.

  1. Land and church building in Kolkata, India. 
  2. Anointing of Holy Spirit in Outreaches, inauguration and  discipleship training. 
  3. Completion of other four ongoing church construction.        
    a) Sadutar, Nepal;
    b) Jungpana, India;
    c) Kathiyar, Bihar,India; 
    d) Siliguri Main church. This is second storey main building. The construction slowed down after demonetization and Implementation of GST in India under this new government. 
  4. Pray for Ray of Hope Mission schools and all students. All our students are from poor families. But God has made us channel of blessings to them. We are giving them good education in English medium in very very less  fees. Many of them are given free education completely.
  5. One widow and nine orphans are also kept in school Home in Naksalbari India. Pray for their daily needs, their health, schooling and future. Many such widows and children are asking for help but we do not have the place. We are praying to construct small such homes for the poor children. 
  6. Pray for the opening or starting of many more new churches in north part of India. We are still praying for more and more partners so that we could release many missionaries in the field. 

Thank you ones again for all your generous support and prayer. We earnestly request more of your partnership to change the destiny of the lost souls. God bless each and everyone of you abundantly as you become blessings to many more 





Стихи из Библии

И во всех народах прежде должно быть проповедано Евангелие. (Мар. 13:10)