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December 2013

Buying Warm Cloths For Upcoming Charity Work 

Buying warm cloths of different age, sex, and size wasn't an easy job but due to God's grace almost 80% of the items are already purchased for upcoming charity work among the poor and needy children. Recently it was known through media
 that almost 400 children died due to extreme winter cold at Muzaffarnagar, Northern State of Uttar Pradesh, India on December 5th 3013. So, we thank God for granting us with this opportunity to help the needy ones during the time of their need. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers. 




Стихи из Библии

Принесите все десятины в дом хранилища, чтобы в доме Моем была пища, и хотя в этом испытайте Меня, говорит Господь Саваоф: не открою ли Я для вас отверстий небесных и не изолью ли на вас благословения до избытка? (Мал. 3:10)