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December 2013

Distribution Of Warm Clothes, School Bag and School Stationary

Ray of hope Charitable Trust is organizing charitable program 11th December at Subal Vita, Naxalbari, West Bengal, and 12th December at Bifai Basti, Champasari, Siliguri, West Bengal, where free distribution of School Bag, Blanket, Trouser, T-Shart, Sweatshirts, School Stationery, Snacks will be given to the needy children. 

Also Ray of hope Charitable Trust is organizing free distribution of warm clothes (jumpers) for poor and needy children 17th December at Purnea, Bihar and 18th December at Kathihar, Bihar. We provided one one jacket for each child. We were able to bless more than 750 poor children with school bags, blankets, shoes, jacket, shirt and pant, copies and pencils and sweets . the total worth is USD 25 for one packet. Some children use this for whole year and many of them started attending sunday school. 

Char_Nax-2.jpg Char_Nax-3.jpgChar_Nax-4.jpg Char_Nax-5.jpgChar_Nax-6.jpg Char_Nax-7.jpgChar_Nax-8.jpg 



Стихи из Библии

и все мужья и жены из сынов Израилевых, которых влекло сердце принести на всякое дело, какое Господь чрез Моисея повелел сделать, приносили добровольный дар Господу. (Исх. 35:29)