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June 2019

Ray of Hope Ministry News Digest June


Father's Day
On 16th of June we celebrated Father’s Day all across the globe, but I personally believe that no one can become a true Father for having many biological children unless he/she truly catch the real Father’s heart. I believe it is more of function and a role rather than just the title. Today, we are in the crisis of the real father in our family, society and the world who actually knows what it means to be a father. Apostle Paul became the father to the Corinthians by bringing the gospel to them. May God give us the heart to become the father of all the nations without keeping any of our differences in our mind.
For now, we have decided to focus and put more efforts in the places where God is moving. We have three such places where we want to focus more especially equipping all the believers so that everyone will take part to win and establish the Kingdom in their own community.


Training, Meeting and Study
We have training in Sikkim in the beginning of July. Also we had youth meetings in Burunga church in Nepal.
Also pray for young people studying in bible college preparing for ministry. We have enrolled them in college.
One young man name Sujan Pradhan is enrolled in Master of Divinity. This young man is from Nepal and have strong vision to start work in Nepal. Three more sisters are undergoing Bachelor program.


Kolkata Church News
Good news is that the person who was threatening Ps Atul Sarkar is taken by police as he created some mess there. There is a sister who was paralyzed and lying in bed for several days. Some of our sisters went there and counseled then
Finally they agreed to receive prayer in Jesus name. The best part is that that sister got healed and now open to come to church and know more about Jesus. Also one couple who had come to Kolkota for throat cancer treatment is also receiving prayer. Please kept praying for pastor Atul group that Lord anoint them more and use them for His glory.




Bible Verse For You!

In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel. (1Co.9:14)