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March 2019

Ray of Hope Ministry News Digest


New School

One new small school have started in Purnea Bihar among the very backward poor tribal areas. Missionary Munna Oroan is the incharge of the school. The school charge USD-4 per month and teachers are paid only USD-15 per month. This is because we donot have the funds for now. Only 15 students have been enrolled.

Churches Under Construction

Three churches are under construction in nepal and India. One of them is in Siliguri where w had fresh outreach. The gerund has been leveled and now waiting few months to complete the construction. Hundreds of families are reached there with gospel.

Saved People

Hundred of people are getting saved. Among all, Kolkota is one of the fastest growing church. Many healing and miracles are taking place. We had been praying to construct a church there. Next week Pastor rajesh will be visiting the church and have water baptism for many brothers and sisters.

Please Pray for Pastor Sonam and His Family

Kindly pray for Ps Sonam and his family. His wife is sick for few days and still under medication. Ps Sonam is spending time reading the Word as he has four trainings in Siliguri and North India. This is to follow up to plant 1000s of churches in this by equipping and raising 1000s of indigenous missionaries.
Also pray for Ps Sonam people group as it is one of the unbreached group. His people group is called SIKKIMESE BHUTIA. He had been trying to reach all his relatives, siblings and his mom with the Gospel. Kindly pray that Lord will touch their hearts and they could be saved. His mother is with glass on the photo and her name is NEISHA BHUTIA.


Bible Verse For You!

And the gospel must first be preached to all nations. (Mk.13:10)