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February 2019

Church Inauguration in Dharan, Nepal


Praise the Lord, 10th February blessed Ray of Hope church inauguration was counducted in Dharan, eastern Nepal. Ps Sonam Bhutia was in Delhi, so then pastor Kailash Chhetri shared Gospel to people during this service. Brother Youbraj Shrestha is the pastor of the new Dharan church. Dharan is the city with more than 100000 population. Ray of Hope Ministry already has one church here headed by pastor Padam Kesar Rai, that was started in October 2018, and this new inaugurated church will be second one in this big city. Thanks to you all, especially to ROHI Columbus, for the generous support to build the church and also for your prayers. Please keep praying that many more get saved and Let God Kingdom be established in the region


Bible Verse For You!

But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. (1Ti.6:8)