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October 2018

Gospel Outreach in Siliguri, India  


Thank you very much for prayers for the Door to door gospel Outreach in Siliguri West Bengal India. 26th October our team of 6 people went there after short prayer in the church. Three others joined us in that particular spot. We have one family who is member fo the church as our base there. 

The locality's name is called BARIBASA. It is slum area where many poor people live. There are two main people group live there. They are Bengali and Biharis. Both these groups are Hindus. There are thousands of people living in this locality. Not even a single church is there.

The family who live there is from a Bengali people group. The name of husband is Raj Kumar Sarkar (on photo below) who is 39 years old. He was suffering from blood cancer and doctor gave him two months time; two years before. After we met him and prayed for, He was healed and got saved ever since. His wife (on photo below) who is 28 years old was bedridden since last two years after her spinal cord was broken in an accident. Recently with God's grace, we helped here to put rod on her back and we are praying for her healing. Whole body below her abdomen is paralyzed and she do not have any feeling. Her name is BANDANA SARKAR. They have three daughters and one son. We have brought two of them in our Ray of Hope school and providing free education in the Home. We will bring another two daughters in our school from next year session.

This brother is very excited and thankful to God. Now he has donated a piece of land to build place of prayer and worship where we can pray for all the people living there. Government already gave permission to build church. His family is one christian. rest all are hindus and muslims. We also visited the locality house to house sharing gospel and praying for them. Few radical hindu groups came up to oppose us also.

We also met two more sisters. One is just 14 years old who have brain tumor and lying on bed waiting death. Her name is Sayana. She is from Bihari people group and doctors have send her home when they could not treat her. She was lying on bed with her mother waiting her death. It was very difficult situation.

There was another sister who have uterus cancer and also airing her fate. When we told them that we will build a church or prayer hall and will pray for them, we saw little hope in their eyes. These people were very poor and living in very difficult condition. Moreover they do not know One True Living God and have no hope for eternity either. We met many people who got Brian stroke, tuberculosis, cancer and tumor. Most of them are living under poverty.

We prayed for many people. Now soon we want to start building the prayer Center where we could invite many people who all are Hindus and Muslims and pray for them. Also we could share the gospel properly.

So we request you to Kindly pray for the following needs:

- Pray for the BARIBASA LOCALITY so that thousands of people here could get saved.
- Pray for Bandana Sarkar healing of her lower portion body which is completely paralyzed. Of course she is a believer and her husband is completely healed from blood cancer. All glory to HIM alone. 
- Pray for SAYANA who is 14 years old with brain tumor. May God touch and heal her which will open door for hundreds other to come to Christ.
- Pray for the sister who is with uterus Cancer for her healing.
- Also pray for the construction of the prayer hall or church which cost around USD-5000. With this amount, we can build a church where wРµ can accommodate 150-200 people at once. This place can bring hundred to the Lord. 

Thank you very much for your prayer and support. We will focus on that particular until we are able to plant a church and host discipleship classes with the new converts and seekers.

May God bless you all richly!





The woman on the left was married as child of 12 years old. Now she is 36 years old and do not have any children. We are praying for her that she could receive Jesus Christ so that she could move from curse to blessings. Three times she got pregnant and each time the child died before the birth in the womb. Please pray for this so that this could be a strong testimony in her community.









Bible Verse For You!

As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned! (Ga.1:9)