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July 2018

Some More Details About Western Nepal


Far and Mid western Nepal is one of the most backward place in Nepal. The whole regions was affected by many social issues like caste system, early child marriage, social exploitation by the so called village leaders, superstitions and illetracy. Due to this almost 90% of the inhabitants are under poverty line. Many young people go to India and work as in hotels and many laborers jobs. Many of them have been affected with HIV AIDS and many other diseases. When they come home, they brign all these diseases along and all villagers are affected.

We have been praying for this place and want to reach out the places and spread the Gospel. On photos below is Mahakali Mahendranagar Ray of Hope church. Two more churches need to be constructed. To support ministry in Western Nepal Ray of Hope will send one young man to bible college and another is getting ready. There are few things and superstition thР°t made this region very dark. It is almost everyone is possessed.

We request for your prayers. God bless you all richly!



Bible Verse For You!

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Mt.10:16)