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December 2015 

The progressing of the HaTikvah School in Shillong (Meghalaya, India)

During the second year of school existing in area close to city Shillong the number of students were increased up to 52 persons. This is the school and orphanage where Ps Raman Zayats is in charge. Due to the hardworking of the teachers, the change in the student have been noticed. All the students are well discipline, clean and tidy. The teachers, they even went to meet the mothers of the students and explained to them the important of education.

The school authority organized a parent day once a year. On this day the students were ask to show their parent what they have learn from school. The programs would start with the prayer from the Head of the School or any elderly man. Then the students would start with a welcome to their parents. Then follow by short dramas from the different classes. This will take about one and half hours then follow by tea break. Then they would like to display their talent in sport such as athletic, football, high jump, long jump etc. The show is over by about three o’clock in the afternoon.


Progressive of the School building construction.

In the meantime we continue the construction work, which is according to the availability of fund. By the end of the year 2013 we were able to completed the first floor. We were planning to keep some orphans about ten or fifteen of them in this floor. But in absence of the kitchen we could not start the orphanage. During the year 2014 we have been able to construct the kitchen but due to paucity of fund, we have not been able to purchase the dining tables, water conection and electricity which are the basic need to start the orphanage. As of the end of 2015 year we need following to complete the kitchen so as to enable to start the orphanage.

1. It is necessary to carry out water and electricity in the kitchen - $2400
2. We need a nice big refrigerator or maybe even two of them - $2600
3. Need stove - $500
4. Need beds, mattresses, furniture, clothes, etc. - $3000
5. Need a ceiling on the 3rd floor in the whole building - $5000

Also surrounding area of the School need to be improved. 

During 2015 year we have 52 students with the following Classes:

1. Nursery 7 (seven)

2. K.G. 4 (four)

3. Class. I. 6. (six)

4. Class II. 5 (five).

5. Class III. `10 (ten).

6. Class IV. 10. (ten).

7. Class V, 5 (five).

8. Class VI. 2. (two).

9. Class VII. 3. (three)

Presently we have four teachers, one cleaner and a new gardener was appointed who look after the cleanliness of the School compound.

Teachers on picture below:

From left - Miss Cordilia Wansai, Miss Ridalin Marpan, Miss Andona Nongkynrih, Mr. Ritu Marak

On the picture below: Mini Sangma the cleaner. She has four children, and her husband, who was gardener in the school was died last December 2014.

New gardener now is Mr.Lingbath Marak. We charged nominal School fees from the students so as to make the parent feel proud that they pay for the education of their children. The school fees collected is not enough for the salary of one teacher. 

We observe and celebrate the India independent day on August 15th of each year. In this day we arrange school picnic for all students. Another celebrations is teachers day, when students entertain the teachers with diferrent activities such as singing, drama etc,and also offered them a small gift as a token of love and respect to them. Some pictures from this celebration and programm are below. 

Example of the Programm for Teacher's Day wich were on the 4th. September 2015. 

1. Welcome speech by Metilda Sohtun - Wishing the Teachers.

2. We wish you.

3. Start with Bible recitation and prayer from all the students.

4. Short speech from mama Syngai.

5. Poetry recitation and songs by Nursery and K. G.

6. Dance from Class IV, V and VII To Mamu.

7. Short play - Samaria.

8. A song from Classes III & IV.

9. A dance from Classes III & IV - Deep deep.

10. A skit " Klet shiteng"

11. A song "God will love me forever"

12. Short play "Tasngeng"

13. A dance "Hey now"


Please pray for the Scholl and orphanage needs, and support us with your generous donations. 

God bless! 




Bible Verse For You!

And the gospel must first be preached to all nations. (Mk.13:10)