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October 2020

Fourth Training for New Believers in Siliguri, India


God enabled us to train the new believers who were converted during these lockdown time. On 13th we have in Hindi language and Nepali on 14th October. This is our fourth such training or all these new believers. Now we have fifth one on 23-24th October2020. We kept this so close because one of main Hindu festival falls on third week of October. During such occasion, these new believers will face lots of persecution and pressure from their friends, family and relatives. These new believers will be also tempted to go back in same situation as they were accustomed to that way. That is why, we have kept two days meeting with them whole day.

These believers are from various people groups like Hindu Bengali, Hindu Bihari, Bengali Muslim, Bihari Muslim, Nepali, Rajbhansis, Oroan, Hela and Santhals. All these groups have their own dialect and script too but we try to communicate them in common language Hindi. Among all these groups, Rajbhansis are the most unreached one. There are no Christians songs in their language and no Bible yet. Eight people from this group have been saved and now are trying to translate few Hindi and English songs in their language.

Rajbhanshi group is very superstitious and reluctant to gospel. But the power of the Holy Spirit is beyond all these and we are thankful for the breakthrough. God is able and now the pioneering work among them has started. One sister was abandoned with her kids by her husband for following Christ but we praise God she is standing strongly for the Lord. Many such pressure and persecution from their family, friends and community is coming up rapidly but each day due to such condition, these people are growing very strongly in Christ. Such situation is drawing them closer to God in prayer.


Below is four people that accepted Lord in siliguri on 13 ocotber. 





Bible Verse For You!

As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned! (Ga.1:9)