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August 2020

ROH Asia Ministry Update   


Dear brothers and sisters! Greetings in Jesus name from Siliguri, India.

Hope you all are doing well by His grace. We are all doing very well. Government has given relaxation in lockdown although the churches are not yet opened. All the services are done online through zoom.

We have been doing such services for Nepal and various part of India. Everywhere the churches are reaching out their neighborhood with the gospel and hundreds of new souls have come to Christ.

I would like to thank you for the generous support and prayers extended for the salvation of these precious souls. Each soul counts and I believe Jesus would have come and died to save one.

God is good all the time and He is in control in the entire situation. No weapon that formed against us shall prosper. Although the situation seems bad due to pandemic and new terms like lockdown, social distancing and quarantine came up, yet our local missionaries are going door to door in personal evangelism sharing gospel and praying for the people.

Cult groups like Jehovah witnesses, Mormons and Zion movement church (started from South Korea) putting their effort to reach people door to door. Zion group has grown big in Nepal due to that although their teaching is completely false.

Seeing that, we felt to adopt this strategy and reach the people with true gospel sharing gospel door to door. Hence many people have come to the faith in last 2-3 month.
Last week, we had basic training for new converts from Siliguri area. We conducted the basic training in two languages with Hindi and Nepali. 35 new converted Hindi speaking people attended the training. Out of 35 converts fifteen were Muslim converts.

20 new converts took part in Nepali section. There are 100s of new converts in Bihar and Kolkata too, where we are not able to conduct the training as we are restricted to travel those places. We are praying that we could travel these places and conduct the training.

In Nepal too, the local churches are actively involved in sharing the gospel and winning souls for Christ. New churches are started in hill station of Nepal but the leaders are not able to travel to those places. The only means to reach them is through phone.

We are organizing water baptism of 100 new converts in Siliguri in October 2020. Kindly pray for the event and also salvation of thousands more as we all are living in last days. We are also trying to organize some charities with essential commodities as many has lost the job.

Thanks again for your prayer and generous support. May GOD bless you all abundantly as you become blessings to many more. For His glory

Sonam and Team





Bible Verse For You!

But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. (1Ti.6:8)