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June 2020

Prayer Request


- Kindly pray for the salvation of thousands of souls and also for those frontier missionaries.
- Also pray that we could get more missionary sponsors. We sponsor each missionary USD-100 per month. We decided to support them for 2-3 years continuously so that the missionary could plant a church in particular place.
- We are praying that the Lord speak to many people so that we could get hundreds of such sponsors which will eventually rescue thousands of those precious souls.
- Also pray for the relief especially in such hard pandemic times.
- Kindly pray for the needs of DamР°k Nepal Ray of Hope School.

Relief distribution in Nepal   Another relief distribution 

God bless you all richly as you all extend your sacrificial help even in such hard time. Isaac sowed in famine and reaped hundred fold. May God bless each of you in every aspects of your life as you become blessing to the nations.
All generous donations can be deposited in the account details given in website or also in following details. The following details are account of Ray of Hope church Westfield, Massachusetts. It is easier for them to transfer the amount directly to us and all 100% contributions are spent for the mission cause. MA Ray of Hope church is obtaining 501 (c) status, which will help us for tax deduction too.

The account details are as follows:
Ray of Hope International Church
Name of Bank: Bank of America
Routing Number: 011000138
Account number; 004640270092
Address: 15 summer street, Floor 1,
Westfeild, MA 01085
Because of Calvary
Ps Sonam and team
Ray of Hope Asia
Siliguri, India
Cell: +91 9832504502






Bible Verse For You!

But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. (1Ti.6:8)