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June 2020

New Home Meeting in Siliguri  


Recently we have started a church in a new place in Siliguri, checkpost in a sister's house. We met sister Pema through one of our brother in the Church, she met with an accident on the year 2003 and her Backbone was broken which made her half paralyzed since the last 20 years and is bed ridden. After that incident, her husband left her taking their 2 Sons along with him and got got married to someone else. While everyone was waiting for her death she accepted Jesus on 2005 and ever since she's been doing great and now we have a church in her house with the help of one of our Missionary brother Deepak who's been working in that Locality and has been following up new families.








Bible Verse For You!

And the gospel must first be preached to all nations. (Mk.13:10)