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March 2020

Ps Sonam Bhutia Message to Ray of Hope Community 


Dear Co-laborers in Christ, greetings in Jesus precious and wonderful Name.

Hope you all are keeping well under His grace as several countries or cities have been locked down due to corona virus. We are constantly praying for you at home as everything is lockdown till April 15 in India. We have started online service as we are not allowed to gather. But we praise God for all the media in such time.

Although the world wide pestilences of COVID-19 is spreading which is one of the end time sign before the rapture of the Church, We still can thank the Lord with grateful heart that “Our God is in control. “ We do not need to fear or panic, as we all are saved for eternity.

We all know that our God’s vision is to make the earth like Heaven. When the disciples of Jesus asked him to teach how to pray, Jesus taught that “let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Also Habakkuk 2:14 says; that God wants to fill this earth with His glory. Glory in Hebrew word is KABOB which means weight. Human being have become weightless due to sin and thus we always tends to take short cut. Many of us do not take Kingdom mission seriously and have become weightless. Human trying to lessen everything like cordless, wireless, seedless and eventually godless.

But God want to fill the earth with godly and righteous people who fear and honor God.

Ps 115:16 says, God gave the earth to mankind. He wanted to make earth like heaven through us which should begin from our family, community and nations. But in present scenario, earth is not like Heaven but is becoming like hell everyday with inequalities, poverty, crimes, corruption, betrayal etc.

To make this earth like Heaven, the first seed of human God gave was perfect and sinless as Adam and Eve was created in His own image and likeliness. God wanted to reproduce, multiply and fill the human being with godly image and likeliness.  

In that case, the world would be in perfect harmony with only one language and God as our King. The world would have been corruption or sin free and there would be no traffic jams. All the roads of earth would have been paved by gold.

But because of fall, everything went mess but God did not quit His grand plan. At the end of Revelation, God speaks about New earth which shows that one day the earth will become like Heaven.

For now while we are living on earth, everyone is called to contribute and participate in this grand project. But we have missed the target and have got distracted with various issues of world and present life. Now God is shaking us and calling all of us to repent and take part in this great Mission until He come to cloud to take us home to attend the grand feast and appear before the Judgment seat of Christ for  rewards.

Now it is time for us to evaluate and judge ourselves for what and whom are we living? Let us all come before God with true repentance and commit our self for the divine plan and purpose.

May God keep you all in His presence and speak to you all as you spend time with Him while staying home.

Stay home and safe in prayer and fasting under His grace and be blessings to other.

God bless

In Christ, Sonam.





Bible Verse For You!

If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father's glory with the holy angels. (Mk.8:38)