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January 2020

Purnea Ray of Hope Church Beleivers Proejct    


Acts 1:8 says, when the Holy Spirit will descend upon you, you will receive power and become witness. I think witness could be personal and also corporate. God gave us this strategy and we are praying for it although it is a huge project. There are 20 believers’ families in one of these villages in Purnea, Bihar. Our target is to become witness corporately so that others could see the transformation in drastic way. All the people have one room house made up of mud without kitchen and restroom.

We decided to collect funds among us and start building house of two rooms with proper kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Also we want them to put all garbages in dust bin so that the surrounding will be very neat and clean. Each house will cost around USD 6000.00 and we will build with bricks and cement. That way, if 20 houses will be built in that way, the whole locality will be completely clean and looks different. When other villages will see this, they will understand how God opens our understanding and brings transformation which will influence and draw other villages for Christ. Kindly send any suggestion regarding this project to Ps Sonam Bhutia.



Bible Verse For You!

In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel. (1Co.9:14)