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January 2020

Baribasa NJP Ray of Hope Church Inauguration   


31st January one more Ray of Hope church was opened in Baribasa NJP. Dedication of new church was conducted in Siliguri slam area where no churches were before this one. 

Siliguri Bansbari church construction started in the second part of October 2019. The cost of construction was around USD 2500. We already have 4 families here. Based on them was started the church. Many seekers are attending the church inauguration to receive prayer for healing and Lord is touching people. Praise God that people are responding to the gospel. Daughter of one of the believer was bitten by snake in their room but we praise God nothing happened to her after they prayed and fasted for her. 

Baribasa is a slum area where more than 20000 people lives. There are two main people group live there. They are Bengali and Biharis. Both these groups are Hindus. There are thousands of people living in this locality. Not even a single church was there so far. 









Bible Verse For You!

And with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. (Eph.6:15)