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September 2019

Visit of Purnea Kakkahrali Ray of Hope  


It is great joy to see the fruits in the ministry as new people get saved and see them maturing for the service of the Lord. God is working with miracles and with His healing touch to the unbelievers in wonderful way.

The trainings in India is constantly going on in three areas viz Kolkota, Bihar and Siliguri. Most of these trained believers are working actively to bring the gospel to the people and pray for the healings and other needs.

In Kolkota we faced some challenges few months before as we were threatened to close down the church. All believers started crying out to God and He changed the whole scenario. All the leaders who were opposing started falling in some sort of problem. Few of them also passed away and the main leader is in the prison for the time being for some kind of past cases against him.

Pastor Rajesh kalikotey is visiting Kolkota this week in search of training place and also to register our group for the cementry. Your prayers are highly appreciated.




Bible Verse For You!

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Mt.10:16)