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September 2019

Service in Siliguri Main Ray of Hope Church  


Worship in Siliguri church on 1st September. The main leader is James Pradhan. He is living in Siliguri since 8 years. He completed his high school and pursuing his second year bachelor degree. He completed his sixth grade in keyboard. Also teaching in Ray of Hope school Naksalbari and also drive school bus. It is our earnest request to help us buy good sound system which cost 2000 usd. Our tithes and offering are used for training and supporting missionaries. We need generous help. Another young man with lead guitar is pastor Rajesh son named Abhilash Kalikotey. We send him to law school and next year he will graduate and will be certified lawyer. Two sisters are from whom we sent to bible college for bachelor. They will graduate next year. The young man playing drum is Sujan Pradhan from Nepal doing his master of divinity. He has leadership gift. The young man on chair with fractured hand is Ps Sonam son Palzor Bhutia. He started business to support the vision of ministry.






Bible Verse For You!

If I preach voluntarily, I have a reward; if not voluntarily, I am simply discharging the trust committed to me. (1Co.9:17)