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June 2019

Ray of Hope Ministry in Kolkata, Bihar and Bangladesh 


On 16thof June we celebrated Father’s Day all across the globe, but I personally believe that no one can become a true Father for having many biological children unless he/she truly catch the real Father’s heart. I believe it is more of function and a role rather than just the title. Today, we are in the crisis of the real father in our family, society and the world who actually knows what it means to be a father. Apostle Paul became the father to the Corinthians by bringing the gospel to them. May God give us the heart to become the father of all the nations without keeping any of our differences in our mind.

For now, we have decided to focus and put more efforts in the places where God is moving. We have three such places where we want to focus more especially equipping all the believers so that everyone will take part to win and establish the Kingdom in their own community.

Those three places are as follows:

Kolkota, West bengal---Kolkota is the capital of West Bengal province with 8 million population. The house church in Kolkatta is growing as many people belonging from different backgrounds (College students, Government officials etc) are accepting and coming to Christ.

Seeing the need in Kokatta, we have planned and decided to send a group of our team from Siliguri to Kolkatta once a month to conduct 3-5 days discipleship classes so that everyone can take part in reaching their friends and families for Christ. Pastor Atul Sarkar, the Pastor incharge in Kolkatta will be co-ordinating with the Siliguri team for conducting these classes.

Purnea and Kathiyar Bihar: There are two main local church in Bihar. One is in Purnea district and another in kathiyar, a neighboring district. Brother Munna Oroan, a married young man of 26 years old, graduated from Bible college two years before is now leading the congregation in Purnea. They have started churches in three other places in Purnea district along with an English medium kindergarten school among their community.

Kathiyar church is under the leadership of Pastor Lalji Marandi. He also looks after three small churches in Kathiyar Bihar. Many Hindus have converted to Christ through this church.

To multiply the work in Bihar, our team has decided to conduct discipleship classes ones in a month for believers for both of these districts so that they will be equipped and encouraged to keep working for the Kingdom.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh is the neighboring country of India. For Indian, we need passport and visa to travel there. God has opened door for us to start mission work there as well through Pastor Atul Sarkar from Kolkatta and the believers of Kolkatta Church, who has their relatives in Bangladesh. They shared the gospel to them over the phone and many of them are ready to receive the Lord. The best part is that they speak the same language, due to that we want to take out team there for outreach and training.

Our goal is to plant 500 of churches within 2 years as an outcome of the training in these 3 places. But this will happen only when people are equipped and encouraged to share the gospel and win the souls for the Lord.

Our team will need to travel to all these places. There will be around 24 trainings in Kolkatta and Bihar as travelling here is more feasible and around 6 trainings in Bangladesh in 2 years. Each training will be for 3-5 days. The details for these trainings are laid down below.

Training Team:

1. Ps Jigmee Sonam Bhutia
2. Mrs Bhanu Chettri
3. Ps Rajesh Kalikotey
4. Ps Atul Sarker
5. Ms Payel Sarker
6. Ps Sabin Rai
7. Ps Prakash Rai

Approximate Training Cost for one year is :
Bihar - 3600 USD
Kolkatta - 7200 USD
Bangladesh - 1800 USD for 1 year

Total Expense Approx
12,600 USD for 1 year

We are requesting for generous help and prayer support for this project. The above mentioned expense is for 1 year, it will be the double amount for 2 years.

Your generous contribution can help in saving 1000s of souls as we march towards planting 500 churches in 2 years. Please be a part of this mission by joining our hands together.

God bless you all richly




Bible Verse For You!

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Mt.10:16)