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Non-Formal School and Home Proejct


Although India claims the economy growth, yet there are many marginalized groups who needs to be brought into mainstream. Over population and unemployment are two main factors that is increasing poverty and crimes in India. Although Government trying to put full effort to help people, yet corruption is still very much prevalent in India which hinders all the things to come into realization. Among many of these problems, it breaks my heart when many of children when step into teen age are forced for child laborers in farms, garage, shops etc due to poverty or abusive poor parents. Many of them never had an opportunity to go to school and some of them had to leave schooling after few years due to various reasons. In such situation, these children will not have any hope to come up economically and mentally in future. Thus,many of these children due to extreme hopeless and frustration commit crimes like theft, drugs, murdering, stealing, prostitution etc. I had been praying ways and means to help these children.That is why, I have been trying to start a Non-formal Home and school project so that I could at least begin rehabilitating 50 such children and start schooling through non-formal school system as they cannot join again in regular school due to their age bar. I am giving you brief overview of non-formal school and home project.

What is Non-Formal School Cum Home?

Non-Formal School cum Home is a project is to give hope and future with the grace and love of God by providing home and opportunity to continue their education through Non-Formal system for those frustrated hopeless poor children and bring them into mainstream in society. On top of that, we want them toe experience the love of God and begin channeling the same to their generations.

Targeted Marginalized Children Category

i) Child laborers working in garage, hotels, farms, shops etc who have strong desire to continue their education.

ii) Frustrated School drop outs after few years of Schooling due to various reasons; who do not see any way for them to continue their study.

iii) Abused teens or poor children who were forced to work to earn bread for home.

iv) Children born in red light areas who never had an opportunity to study.

v) Children from very very poor backward family in remote villages who were never send to school.

vi) Teen girl victims who were not sent to school due to gender preference.

vii) Poor tribal children from very poor and backward places where there is not awareness of education.

viii) Children of Banjaras who were forced to pick rags on street. Banjaras still live nomadic life although they have opportunity to settle in one place. It is kind of gypsies and children born in this group have no opportunity to go school. hence we are motivating and mobilizing their parent to send their children in our home so that they could bring transformation in their community.

ix) some children of 10-12 years are sold by their abusive irresponsible abusive parents to work in other homes. we want to rescue and bring them to Home and provide education to transform their future.

Why Non-Formal School Cum Home?

Non formal system of education will allow them to complete their eight standard within 3 years of time although they have never been to school. For instance, a teen child of 14 years who left the school after third grade can complete 8Th Standard at the age of 16. On 17 he/she can join in 9th grade in regular school or can appear matriculation through NIOS (National Open Schooling) approved by government of India. After their high school, they can join in any colleges and these same children can become doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, clerk etc.

Why Home?

We want to bring them to Home to provide proper environment for them to study. Some of them need constant encouragement and motivation for few years. They need to receive vision for their life which will motivate them to go ahead. If we do not bring them home, they can be easily influenced by other children and will be tempted to go same way. Also providing homely environment can shape their lifestyle and bring their character also in mainstream. They will get full attention in home and study full time so that they could recovered all the loss. That is why, we prefer them to keep together with us in home and give them love and affection which will empower them from inside. Love will be the main transforming factor.

Area of Operation

First of all we will concentrate in state of West Bengal and Bihar. After few years we want to spread out to Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. This four states covers almost 50 % India's population with lot of children like this.


We want to see complete transformation of such children lives by giving them love and hope for future. Our first priority is to bring them in to close relationship with our Lord and Savior and impart vision so that they will begin to demonstrate the love of God to such children. This will also alleviate poverty and can bring these children from curse to blessing which is God's intention towards all mankind.

Project Needs and Phases

1) Half acre of land for the home and school.

2) Construction of home, school and all other needs like beds, classroom, kitchen articles etc.

3) Operating expenses for one year. Rest other years will be supported by the local church donations.


Ps. Jigmee Sonam Bhutia
Ray Of Hope Ministry Asia
Siliguri, West Bengal


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