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Charity Work


Sponsorship for low-income students 

i) Schools

Many poor children have been provided free education in our schools in Nepal and India. This educational opportunity will transform their future. Also, we support a few students by sending them in various schools. We are doing this by the grace of God with the help of a few generous friends to demonstrate the love of the God.  Myriad children in India and Nepal need assistance with their education, and we see that we should help them. We are praying for more and more partners who can and will support us to touch the lives of these little precious children who in the future can be good godly leaders for their communities and nation.


ii) Bible Colleges

We also want to prepare future leaders for the church and mission. That is why we send young people to the bible colleges and seminaries. Right now Ray of Hope is sponsoring six students for a bachelor’s degree program and one student for a master’s degree program. Many more young people are ready to prepare themselves for the ministry. Please keep them in your prayers too.

Mr. L.B. Mongar graduated with a Master’s degree of Divinity in 2015. He is from Bhutan and is currently assisting in the mission work. 
Brother Munna Lakra is from Bihar (another state of India). He is from Oroan people group and studying in final year Bachelor of Theology Program in All Nations Theological Seminary in Siliguri. We are supporting him for his studies.
This is Payel Sarkar. Her father is missionary of Ray of Hope working in Kolkota. She is from Bengali people group. She is also in final year bachelor program (B.Th) in All Nations Theological Seminary in Siliguri. We also support her studies.
This is another student she is from Kakarvitaa Nepal, she is daughter of Ps D.K Tamang. She was converted from Buddhism. Now she is also pursuing her final year B.Th (bachelor of theology studies in All Nations Theological Seminary. We support her studies.
This is one more student, Yubraj Shrestha, a married man from Nepal. He came to Christ on year 2009. He is also preparing himself in Bible college in Kerala (South India). Before he was in mission field in very remote part of Nepal where our church was burned down by the villagers. We support his family and studies so that our brother could prepare himself for the work of ministry. 


This is brother Nabin Rai and his wife Purni Rai. Both of them are from Pathari Bhutanese refugee camp. both their parent have left for USA under resettlement program but this brother do not want to go to serve Lord in Asia. He and his wife are also pursuing his final year bachelor program in bible college. He want to continue his master of Divinity and serve Lord in Nepal, India and Bhutan. They are facing lots of pressure from their relatives as they all want them to come to USA. Please pray for this couple.


iii) Secular colleges

To make the mission more effective, we need more professional people, with the vision of the Kingdom of Heaven, to manage the entire mission work. We are looking forward to sponsoring many young people and preparing them as a part of the mission work team.  Additionally, we are sponsoring two young people at law colleges to deal with legal matters of the organization, especially in terms of taxation as any such institution, church, or mission organization is taxable if they do not meet governmental requirements. 

We are also sending one sister for her MBA and one for accountancy who will look after the mission’s management and accounts. We feel that accountability and transparency are very important with our local churches, individual donors, and partners. Please pray for these efforts.

Mr. Janam Tamang and Mr. Abhilash Kalikote are currently pursuing their Bachelor’s of Law in Siliguri, West Bengal.


Help for school stationary items and warm clothing for poor children.

Each year Ray of Hope Mission is distributing warm blankets, school bags, shoes, clothes and other necessities to more than 600 poor children. They are underprivileged child laborers who cannot even cannot afford basic school or other supplies. Most of these children attend Sunday schools and also go to public schools. We are blessed to see these little children happy and blessed. We welcome people who want to help these children meet their needs and education.


Distribution of food and other essential commodities.

Ray of Hope also distributes essential commodities like bags of rice, sugar, mustard oil and other commodities to the indigent widows and demonstrate God’s love. In all these endeavors, we share the Good News, saying that we are able to accomplish whatever works we do due to God’s love in this selfish and self-centered world. There are thousands of such widows who needs help. If you feel called, please consider donating funds to help these individuals in need. 

All glory to God!


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Bible Verse For You!

I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. (Ro.1:16)