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India and Nepal: India is the second largest populated country in the world. It says that every sixth person on this planet is Indian. Gospel is the only hope to bring transformation in India. Word of God says that Righteousness expats a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverb 14:34). Only Jesus Christ can set this nation free. That is why we feel that it is high time to bring the gospel, disciple the people and plant churches where there is no churches. Still the presence of Christianity is very less in India although many mission agencies are working here. Nepal is country with majority of Hinduism and lots of idolatry. This nation also needs the gospel very much. We need your prayer and generous support to enhance the Kingdom of God in India and Nepal.

There are several ways you can partner with us:

By praying regularly. The most important and crucial way in which you can help us is by praying for us regularly and fervently. Pray that the Lord of the harvest would raise up laborers who have compassion for the lost. Pray for the protection of our brothers and sisters who labor for Him in difficult places with great sacrifices. Pray that the Lord would provide funds for the various ministries. By giving generously for the Lord’s work in India/Nepal

If you cannot go, perhaps you can send. It takes so very little to train and send out a laborer for the Lord’s harvest in India and Nepal. Please consider any of the following ways to give.

- Sponsor the training program for the work of church planting.

You can help us to run the Missionary Training school to raise more and more labourers for India and Nepal. Sponsor a national missionary in the field. You can also sponsor a trained missionary to go to a fresh field and start a new church in India and Nepal. It cost around USD 100 to send a full time missionary in rural areas and USD 200 for a family in towns and city.

- Help build a church building.

Many of our congregations are worshiping in small room of house or in a rented room. Recently our church running in a rented basement room has been closed by the compliant lodge by the neighbours. That is why, the separate room for worship became so important for us. The church construction ranges from USD 5000 to USD 25000 depends on location.

- Give towards a scholarship fund for poor students who can come into the place of influence.

With your generous gift for scholarship, a Christian student can be send to law, medical or different other colleges who in return can support the work in the days to come after coming up to influential position in community. Many of them are also preparing themselves in Bible college for the work of ministry. You generous help can raise the men and women of God for the coming generation.

We are running two regular christian schools and one in nepal. More than 100s students; children of full time pastors and missionaries, orphans and semi orphans and children from very very poor family are given free education. the cost of one student for school fee and transportation by bus is USD-20 monthly. You can adopt any such students in needs which can transform their lives

- Give toward Non-Formal project in India.

This project is mainly to provide opportunity to continue their education for the child labourers, street kids, rag pickers, children labourers, children rescued from brothels who were born there, school drop outs due to various reason, tribal and backward group children, orphans and abused kids. We are targeting to build NON-FORMAL HOME CUM SCHOOL for such children for now for which we need your generous help. The total project cost around USD 80,000 which is including land and building infrastructure. Give toward school project and the poor students who cannot afford to pay the fees in India and Nepal.

- You can also donate a bicycle and motor bike for the missionary who needs to travel from place to place to preach the gospel. One bicycle cost around USD 80.00 and one motor cycle cost around USD 1050.00

- You can volunteer as teacher in regular school or caretaker in Non-formal school and also as facilitator in our training school for six month to few years as the Lord lead you.

- You can also give towards bag packs worth USD 25 for the very very poor children with a bag filled with warm blanket, shoes and socks, pant, shirt and jacket, exercise copies and snacks .

- You can also give to sponsor short term discipleship courses to equip all the saints for the work of ministry.

- You can also sponsor a team of Jesus Film project to go from one village to another showing Jesus Film and preaching. On top of this, donation of projector for Film show is highly appreciated as it cost around Usd 600-800.

- You can also sponsor to print out gospel tracts in various indian languages to bring this good news to all section of people.

May God bless you abundantly all as you give for the cause of Kingdom. May His Name be glorified and gospel be reach to all the people.




Bible Verse for You

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" (Ac.20:35)