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Kathiyar Church, India

Kathiyar, India
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Bihar is one of largest populated province of India and the least evangelized state with less than 1% Christian presence. Also, Bihar is known as the graveyard of missionaries. Mission can be effective in Bihar when we could win, equip and raise missionaries from their own people groups. 

Ray of Hope has three small churches in Bihar. We have brought one young man in Bible College who is in his final year bachelor of theology program. We need to raise many more such young people for the mission work there. We are building one church in Rameli Kathiyar Bihar. There was strong opposition in this place, but slowly God is opening the heart of people.

Hundreds of people from Santali, Oroan and Mussharis have come to Lord. They are mostly tribal but we are yet to touch high caste Biharis. The church construction project is going on and we need your prayer and generous help.