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December 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 


Dear Co-Laborers in Christ

Greetings in Jesus wonderful  Name.

A Joyous Christmas greetings to you and your family. Thank you very much for your trust, generous support and prayers for us. We look forward to serving together in coming year to rescue more and more precious and save millions of souls. You have been huge blessings to us and the mission work here. We thank God for you and your family.

With your generous help and prayer, we are able to reach thousands of people with the gospel and win hundreds in the  Kingdom. Churches were build in India and Nepal, missionaries were supported and send out to carry out the mission work in India and Nepal. We are also operating three school where hundred of poor children are given free education. Little children are taught to pray to Jesus which is one of best opportunity to sow the seed at their young age.

In Siliguri, the main center for training and worship is about to complete. It is huge blessings for us and in this region to extend the work in this part of world.

Now God has given us a strong prompting to move to Delhi for the coming year to start fresh work int hat region to reach the North Indian and disciple them to raise them as church planters in their own area. India still is a huge mission field with billion of souls yet to win for the Kingdom. 80% of Indian are Hindus, along with 14% muslims (as second largest muslim populated country in the world next to Indonesia).

Delhi is another most important part of India having almost 20 million population. The neighboring state Uttar Pradesh only have more than 250 million population with less than 0.5% christian presence. There is a huge need to start working to disciple thousands to able to plant 1000s of churches.

Siliguri will be very strategic center in North East India, West Bengal, Bihar, Nepali and Bhutan. After the completion of the building we will immediately start the training for 1000s of young people imparting vision  with the urgency to rescue the souls and discipling them at such crucial end time.

As we celebrate the birth of Our lord Jesus Christ, It also reminds and challenges to give birth of messiah in all communities and nations around us. We feel church or body fo Christ is the only hope as salt of the community or nations which can prevent them from decaying with sins.

We pray for fresh anointing and guidance for coming year so that we could bring more fruit with your partnership and rescue many more precious souls that will transform their eternity. We also request you all to uphold us in your prayer for the new transition of our ministry and also request you all to continue to support us with your prayers and generous help.

Every time we dream of winning the lots for Christ and discipling them so that in return they started doing the same so that the chain keeps growing unendingly.

Coming year we have many discipleship trainings in various parts of India which will cover at least 2000 young people sot hat at the end of 2019, all these young people catch the vision and open new groups by winning the new people.

God bless you as very richly as you become  the channel of blessings to the nations and toil hard in His Vineyard.

In the Name of Immanuel (God with us)

Sonam Bhutia and team