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October 2018

Sister Bandana Srakar Needs Our Help 


Please pray for sister Bandana Srakar. She accepted the Lord last year. Her backbone is broken. Ray of Hope Mission already raised USD 2900 for her through Gofundme. Thanks to everyone who send your generous support. She was taken to Kolkota for surgery. However her lower portion and legs are still totally paralyzed. She had four kids. Ray of Hope Mission alrade took two of them in our school in Subolvitta, where they study and live. But now we want to bring another two also. Kindly pray for her needslike wheel chair, stretcher, and many other. Aso please keep praying for her complete recovery. Her husband got healed miraculously form blood cancer. He is very happy and sharing his tetimony and also preaching the Gospel among his people. God bless you all.