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February 2022

Ray of Hope Ministry News Digest 


In first week of February director of Ray of Hope Ministry Sonam Bhutia had meeting with pastor Sabin Rai, which serves in Darjeeling region of India. ROH Ministry wants to open new churches in three places in this region. Please remember this project in prayer. Praise the Lord!




In Uttar Pradesh hundred new converts are ready for water baptism. Persecution is also going on very hard. Ps Sonam will  travel there in February by flight for baptism and training. Please uphold this event in prayer.



The old lady below is Ps Sonam Bhutia mother. Her name is Neisha Bhutia. She came to Siliguri for treatment now. Kindly pray for her salvation.



6th February five sisters who were Hindu accepted Lord Jesus. All glory to God. Please pray for them.






Mission trip: Several mission trips are taken to various parts of India and Nepal to teach the leaders and guide them. Bhutan is close totally due to pandemic unless show a genuine reason. Traveling restrictions are there in several states of India and also to Nepal. Everything has changed after the pandemic.


Ps Sonam applying visa for Bangladesh, which is 8th largest populated country in the world with 167 million population. Out of this 90.4% are Muslims, 8.5 Hindus,0.6 Buddhist,0.4% Christian and 0.1 % others. Apart from this, there are approximately 1 million Rohingyas Refugees settled there in refugee camp who were ousted from Myanmar. Almost 99% of them are illiterate and are Muslim. 40% of the children are orphans. Kindly pray that I could get the visa and open door for the ministry.





Ongoing Church construction in Purnea Bihar: Church construction in Purnea going on. We are projecting to complete the church and inaugurate by 15th March 2022. We have six places for church construction in Nepal also. Apart from this we have two places in Uttar Pradesh where we need to construct churches. Kindly pray for it.





Outreaches in Nepal going on several places. Many new churches are opening up in hill stations of Nepal too. Trainings in various level s are also going on. On top of that, raising next generation leaders are also going on working with the young people.