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October 2020

Ray of Hope Ministry News and Prayer Requests


First of all, we would like to thank God for healing Ps Sonam Bhutia and also to all of you for your prayer and continual generous support. Ps Sonam had been bedridden for couple weeks taking complete rest spending time with the Lord. We are all doing very good and so also the ministry. Below are few updates.

Siliguri main church is reopening after lockdown. We have started our regular service in Siliguri, West Bengal putting restriction in the number of the attendees. Since we have opened up several small groups in and around the city, near about 100 people gather in main church in Siliguri maintaining social distance as the cases are growing in the city each day. It is so refreshing for us after 7 months of lockdown and online zoom fellowship. We experience the fellowship in person is truly valuable and meaningful. To God is the glory.

We have projected to baptize 100 new converted believers by the end of October 2020. If we put together all the new converts of Ray of Hope India, the number is much more than 100. But this number is only from Siliguri city and churches around the city. We are preparing for this event and have been praying for it.

One more church is under construction in Bihar state and the foundation has been laid already. We have targeted to complete the project within 5-6 months.

God has opened door for us in a new place in India called Banaras. It is in northern part of India which is one of the main centers for Hindu like Mecca for Muslim. We have a young man who have started work there and have already few families. Lots of miracles and healing are occurring there as per the need there.

Everyday many full-time workers and also many members of our groups are encouraged to go house to house preaching the gospel and praying for the sick. I believe that we are living in the very last hour of the last days. Any moment, Christ can appear in the cloud to take the church, we want to rescue the precious souls as many as we can. We all know that souls are very precious and one soul is more worth than the entire universe as it is eternal. So kindly pray for us.

We have few prayer requests:
- Kindly pray for the field workers and anointing of Holy Spirit upon them so that many souls could come in the fold.
- Kindly pray for the baptism program and all the needs for transportation and whole day service.
- Pray for the ongoing leaders, discipleship, and new believers' classes in India and Nepal.
- Kindly pray for me and my family. My wife Bhanu is also not feeling well.

Thanks again for your prayer support. God bless you all richly.