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October 2020

Vision from God


Recently one young man Gautam from Siliguri received a vision in wonderful way. It was not dream but all happened while he was working in his shop. He narrated that one young child came and told him that there are many fishes in his pond. The child told him three times and disappeared. Later on, they started searching for the child but could find. He was shocked because he did not understand what it means as they do not have any such fish pond.

That night he said Lord appeared to him in dream and reminded the same things saying that there are many fishes in the pond and he need to refill the pond with water and start fishing. Then he asked Lord what does it means? Then Lord told him he will be fishers of man if he totally follows Christ committedly. Ever since this young man and his wife had been changed and started spending time with Word in prayer and reaching out the people. To God is all the glory.