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August 2020

ROH Asia Ministry News Digest


Dear brothers and sisters, we hope you all are doing well. We are all good by His grace. We have 16 new members, many children and few people who are suffering and have joined with our church family. Below is a news update for August and first week of September.

Ray of Hope Church lives and grows in Kolkata. 5th September seven people accepted Lord Jesus as savior. They all are Bengali people. Below are the brothers and sisters who accepted Lord. The man in blue shirt is pastor Atul Sarkar who looks after the church there. We have three more full time workers helping him. Such gathering are not allowed, but they are doing this.





We have also started all India leaders training through zoom. Leaders and upcoming leaders from six provinces are taking part in it. We also had two days basic training for new converts in Siliguri. Six more people accepted Lord in Siliguri this week. Few sick people also attended the service. We have also started leaders and upcoming leaders meeting of Denmark, New Zealand and Australia too.

One person from Bhutan accepted Lord over the phone as his relative was sharing gospel over the phone.

Ray of Hope ministry soon will begin construction of church there in new place in Bihar state.

We are projecting for baptism program of 100+ new converts in the end of October.

One sister who donated land for church building in Mahakali Nepal was suffering from few months as her both kidney were failed. She received a vision of throne of God and she shared that she was worshiping God along with angels and saints. Yesterday she went to Lord and below is her funeral.


From last week we have stated all Nepal leaders training and also discipleship classes for upcoming leaders. More than 120 brothers and sisters have enrolled in discipleship training.

Please pray for Ray of Hope Ministry. Thank you for prayers and support!