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July 2020

Kolkata ROH Ministry Update  


Kolkata is one of the big city of India. It is capital of West Bengal province. Bengali is the main people group there although there are many other people groups. Our church is in a place called Barrackpore, Kolkata. Ps Atul Sarkar is working there along with his team. Many people are ready to take water baptism but due to lockdown we are not able to do that. One Bengali sister accepted lord there too on the month of July.

We have urgent prayer request for Kolkata. Our Ps Atul Sarkar is charged by the local club with the conversion allegation. The fellowship in one place is totally closed down. But we are trying to reach all of them through zoom from Siliguri. Although there is strong opposition from community, one family and also one sister accepted Lord Jesus as their personal saviour. Whole church is praying and fasting for a place of worship so that they could come together. Below are pictures of ps Atul leading one Bengali sister to Christ and one new family who accepted Lord Jesus last week.