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July 2020

Bihar ROH Ministry News  


Bihar is neighboring state of West Bengal. Due to the covid-19, we are not able to visit Bihar since March last week 2020. Ever since, we are having meetings through zoom and over the phone. Our churches are mainly in two districts of Bihar called Kathiyar and Purnea. There are two small groups in other districts too. So altogether there are almost 8 churches. 19 people took water baptism in first week of July. Last week, three people accepted lord Jesus as their savior. It is such great joy to see people getting saved for eternity. All glory to God. Below are baptism pictures and people who accepted the lord Jesus Christ as savior.

Bihar state have extended the lockdown till 31st August, 2020. Due to that, we have to stop construction of a new church building there. Last week, Pastor Marandi, Pastor in charge of Kathiyar Ray of Hope church started house fellowship with new converts in a new place. The people there are worshipper of hindu goddess call Kali. After returning from service, he had felt the attack from enemy and his right side was locked or paralysed. After much rebuking in word Jesus Name, he is fine now. Pictures of new service started in Kathiyar by Ps Lalji and youth service lead by sister Asha in Kathiyar Bihar are below.