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July 2020

Siliguri Main ROH Church Update, India   


Church in Siliguri, West Bengal and in India is still closed due to the pandemic. We are having fellowship online through zoom. But many families are not able to join as they do not have access of internet. But we are constantly following them by phone call. We praise God for his favor and grace even in such uncertain times.

Our outreach work is going in different locality in and around Siliguri city. Full time gospel preachers are evangelising door to door sharing gospel and praying for the sick. Our church is still closed due to lockdown but the services are going on online through zoom . But there are many families who have no access to Mobile phones and internet, we are reaching them over the phone and also visiting once in a week when the lockdown is in relaxation. We are focusing in ten different localities. Many families have already come to Christ. Few more are opening up. This week too one Nepali couple accepted the Lord as their saviour. The Bengali brother whose leg fell up also accepted Lord Jesus along with his wife last week, We give glory to God and very excited, blessed and encouraged to see people getting saved. Our Siliguri team have targeted to win 2000 new souls by the end of 2021 and all the team members are working very hard for it. In average 50% of visited families allowed the preachers to pray although they are Hindus. Situation is very worse especially with the people who work as daily laborer. 

One such locality is named as Krishnanagar. Krishna is one of the Hindu god and 100% of the locality population are follower of Krishna. But when our missionary start visiting the place, they found that people are very poor and many of them are sick and under strong bondages. One such brother shared that his right leg started hurting since last few years. Slowly the leg turned into blue collar and one morning when he woke up, he found that his leg fell up below the knee and lying on the ground bleeding blood. He was shocked although he did not feel any pain.


Our missionary had been visiting the village and now many people are very open to receive Christ. ROH Asia during last month of June, five people including one Muslim lady received Lord Jesus as savior. Gospel has been preached to hundreds of them and now many families are opening upon for the Christ. Below are pictures of the brother whose leg fell up during the night. He was the main person who was earning for family but now he is totally helpless. We the local church with God’s grace has been extending help. Very soon, we are expecting the whole family and others to receive Christ. Also one couple accepted Lord in Siliguri. 

Every Sunday, we have zoom fellowship in Hindi language which is common and national language of India. Leaders and believers from provinces like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Sikkim and west Bengal are taking part in fellowship. Although we are not allowed travel from one province to another, we are able to conduct meeting through zoom app. It is huge help for us to remain connected and to encourage each such in such pandemic time. Praise God for that.
One of the youth leader and son of Siliguri local church named as Abhilash Kalikotey graduated with B.A llb course. This is five years course to become qualified advocate after high school in India. Our church had been sponsoring him for his studies for all these five years. Thanks for your prayer.


Siliguri church youth are reaching their friends of school and colleges. Every Friday, Youths conduct service through zoom and their new unbelieving friends are invited. Many seekers are in the fellowship. My eldest son Palzor Bhutia, eldest daughter Angela Bhutia and Ps Rajesh's Son Abhilash Kalikotey minister to the young people. James Pradhan is helping with the worship. 



God has opened for us door to Uttar Pradesh in North India. Ps Sonam had been praying for this place more than 15 years constantly. UP has more than 200 million population, but one of the most unreached  place. Both Hindu and Muslim universities are located in this state. From this month, we will be conducting fellowship through zoom for this state. Many brothers and sisters are joining for the fellowship along with many new seekers. 

Because of Calvary


Sonam and Team