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July 2020

Mission News Update and Prayer Request  


We all are doing good by His grace although the virus cases are growing each day in our locality. Local authorities have sealed our area and closed down all shops for now. The pandemic is spreading every day rapidly in India. On top of that flood in Bihar and Assam states have affected millions of lives.

The world is experiencing so many unusual things especially in 2020. In the beginning of year 2020, we saw huge fire breakout which killed many animals in Australia. In India, we saw the locust movement which destroyed the crops in central and western India. Since April 12 to till date there are more than 16 earthquakes in north and western India of 2.00 to 5.2 magnitude. The virus pandemic is also spreading rapidly. Many labourer classes of people are left without any help and food.

India is experiencing few new things which is very unusual. There was good relationship in-between Nepal and India for years. Citizens of both countries were allowed to cross international border without any documents. But recently there is a conflict going on in-between Nepal and India.

India and China's relationship is growing very cold. Two days before 20 Indian soldiers were killed in India China border conflict. With all these events, together with the pandemic, people have become hopeless. Many have lost jobs and small scale business are already in danger. Unemployment crisis is growing and many migrants died while walking by feet to their hometown during lockdown. A girl of 15 years old girl brought her sick father back home by bicycling 1200 kms.

In all these conditions, the only hope is in the gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ. With your generous help and prayer, we were able to help more than 1500 families with essential commodities.This relief work opened the door for us. We are following up all of them and few families have already accepted the Lord. This brought us great joy in our team and we would like to thank each of you for your prayer ad generous help.

We are also conducting such relief in many parts of Nepal along with the Bhutanese refugee camp. Today on 18th June, we are carrying out reliefs to 2100 huts of refugees with rice, mustard oil, Pulses and other essential commodities.

Apart from this relief work, we have engaged many full time gospel worker to follow them up for prayers and sharing the hope in Christ. 100s of them have received Christ during these crisis time as God rewarded the effort we put on.

Our Ray of Hope school has been closed down in India. Many good schools are under operation through online medium. But we were not able to operate because it is among the rural poor people where many of them do not have such access of internet and gadgets. Many children are still in the hostel and the teachers too as they were not able to go home.

There are many people who are short of daily needs as all the work places have shut down. We meet so many families in crisis while reaching them out. It breaks our heart when we see children and sick people without food.

Ones again, we would like to request your prayer and generous help in such conditions to extend help in such conditions and demonstrate the love of God. We do not know how long such condition will go but we have been praying to God.

One thing as we witness all these things, I believe that we are in the last hour of last days. Pslam 102:16,18 says that when Jerusalem is re-established or recaptured by Israel, that generation is the last generation. We all know that Jerusalem was captured from Jordan by Israel on six days war on 1967. Exactly a jubilee or 50 years then, on year 2017, President Trump declared it as capital of Israel. Also the word used for "FUTURE GENERATION" in Ps 102:18 in is Hebrew is Ha Ador and Ha Acharon which means Last generation.

Romans 13:11 says; "And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.

Ones again we request your prayer support and generous help to conduct more reliefs or extend help to such poor and hopeless people. We will be following them all with the gospel. Eventually we want all of them to be saved through Lord Jesus Christ.

Below are video from Nepal help distribution:  


Thanks to you all for your constant prayer support. Below are few prayer request:

1. Kindly pray for the salvation of SIKKIMESE BHUTIA group. I belong to this group and still one of the most unreached group. I have been sharing the gospel over phone to my mother, sisters, brother in law and other relatives. Many of them are open for that.
2. Kindly pray for the salvation of people groups we are involve with in Siliguri, Kolkata, Bihar and North India . These groups are Nepali, Bengali, Marwari, Adivasis, Rajbhansis, Santhals, Biharis, Muslims and North Indian.
3. Kindly pray for the place of worship in Kolkata. Ps Atul has a small piece of land and he is ready to give that place for church. But the construction will cost more than USD 15,000.00 . Kindly pray for it.
4. Kindly pray for regular monthly support for full time gospel preachers for north India state Uttar Pradesh. If we could send out more such preachers, many will accept the Lord as the people are living without hope in such situation.

1. Kindly pray for Baddi people group from western Nepal and salvation.
2. Also pray so that we could release more full time preachers in such days in Nepal too.

God bless you all richly,
Sonam and team
Ray of Hope Asia