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December 2019

Christmas Selebration in Ray of Hope Churches 


25th December Christmas celebration was held in all Ray of Hope churches in India and Nepal. It was wonderful time for worship and celebration of Salvior born. Praise the Lord. There were a lot of blessed preaches, dances and songs in these holiday services as well as tasty pies. Praise God! Below are some pictures from Dalsingpara, Naxalbari, Gwarko and other churches. Also below is Christmas speach from Ps Sonam:

At we approach the end of year 2019. We would like to thank God with grateful heart for His faithfulness. In the beginning of the year 2019, I got the promise verse that although everyone leave me, He will not leave and forsake me. Yes, I have sensed this and He never left me but was leading and guiding me all the years. All glory to HIM.

I would also like to thank all the Kingdom partners for your prayers and generous support extended for the mission work in India and Nepal.

At such special time, I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas and blessed fruitful and prosperous Happy New Year 2020. May God help and guide each one of you to live life with eternal purpose and make you huge channel of blessings to many more on 2020.

As we all know, God’s vision and desire is to fill this earth with His glory. (Hab2:14). Glory in Hebrew is kabob meaning weight. God wants to fill this earth with people bearing His image and likeliness making this earth like Heaven. Had Adam did not fall, the roads of world would have been paved with gold with no traffic jams. There will be justice on earth and earth would have been filled with people who think for others welfare first.

Even now God looks for people who will take responsible putting himself/herself accountable before God to make His home and community like Heaven. For that to happen, he/she needs to come back to His image and likeliness with his mind, vision and mission. People with Godly thoughts, mind, passion, vision and mission are weighty.

Let His will be done in each one’s life as we enter the new year 2020.

Great Missionary William Carey quote the powerful saying; “Attempt great things for God and Expect great things from God. Let us attempt great things on year 2020 for God expecting great result from HIM. May His name alone be gloried and worship among all tribes and tongues.

Ones again I am putting few things that happened with us in last two months and also would like to share the things we are attempting for 2020.

Ps. Sonam Bhutia.