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September 2019

Ray of Hope Ministry News and Announces 


Dear co-laborers in Christ,

Greetings in Jesus Name.

Let His adored, love, praise and worship by all tongues and tribes for he is worthy.

I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and supported extended for the cause of Mission work in India and Nepal. With His grace and help and prayers of saints we were able to hold trainings in different part of India and Nepal. As a result ,we begin to see the believers taking part in Kingdom Outreach actively which brought many new people in the fold. All glory and praise to HIM.

Now we have few upcoming events of India and Nepal for which we need your Prayer and support.


1. On 4th October evening, I will be flying to Kolkota. I will stay there three days to discuss with all believers planning and setting goal to make this congregation of 350 to 1000 before the year end. We will have evaluation of our ministry ways, also to see then possibilities to involvement of all these believers in sharing the gospel and praying for the sick and needy. The main goal is to make this 350 to 1000 within this three months for which we are focusing to equip, encourage, motivate, help them to implement, overseer, counsel and evaluate.

On top of this, we have actually requested one of the Assembly of God for their facility for us to bring all these believers and start training, impart vision and help them with strategies. But the pastor have asked me to come and discuss about our statement of faith which is important. So on coming Saturday I will see him and share all about this. In and around all these place, There is only one of this church.

Also on third week of October, if they allow us, we will conduct three days discussion, classes, counseling on how to reach all the unsaved. If all 350 believers understood the urgency to rescue these unsaved, the ministry will surely grow.

Also we are now targeting to buy land for the church where we could fit in at least 1500-2000 people. The cost of land is expensive which will cost more than one hundred thousand dollars but we are taking steps of faith trusting Him. The believers have started collecting the amount every week for this cause.

2. On 7th October morning my wife and sister Arati ( Ps Rajesh wife) will be traveling to Nepal Sadutar Ray of church to minister among all women group there. They will be also addressing the same subject of effective outreach to reach and save the unsaved.

3. On 10-12th October 2019, Myself , my wife and Ps rajesh will travel to Purnea Bihar. This will be three days meetings, counseling, discussion, evaluation etc. This local church have more than 150 members. There are several villages around this village where there is no single believers and church. So our main aim to equip all, encourage them to start outreach around these villages. We will also have session of Holy Spirit baptism which makes believers courageous to witness for Kingdom. All of us will stay in hotel for three nights in a small city call PURNEA, BIHAR.

4. Siliguri Bansbari church construction will start from neat week. This area is a slum where more than 20000 people lives. We already have 4 families. Basing on them we will start the church. Many seeker are attending the meeting to receive prayer for healing and Lord is touching people. The cost of construction is calculated around USD-2500 but God has provided already USD-1000. Before the Christmas we want to complete this project and start teaching all those hundreds of seekers. We want to see all of them receiving Christ before this Christmas.

5. On October 28-30, I will be going to Srijana Busty Ray of Hope church Nepal as they are also conducting three days meetings. This meeting will be same we do in India. I will counseling the believers and leaders to concentrate in bigger cities and strategic from where gospel could spread everywhere. On top of this, although the situation is adverse, we need to be courageous as we have nothing to lose.

Immediately after this we will have another training in one of hill station of Nepal too.

6. We have trainings in Siliguri, Bihar and Kolkota again to keep all them moving on in first, second and last week in November 2019. We also have Nepal Youth retreat on November 15-17, 2019 in eastern part of Nepal.

Thanks again for your love, prayer and support. We request you all to keep upholding us in your prayer so that many souls could get saved.

Will be updating all the reposts of these programs and also event of December too.

God bless

Sonam Bhutia