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Testimony of Two Orphans That Was Already Founded by Their Sponsors

We met Pardip Marandi when we went to construct our one of the branch church in Rameli under Kathiyar district of Bihar province. He was a small boy. When our brothers were constructing the church, he came and stayed with us and never returned to home. Later we found out that his father was killed by train while lying there drunk in railroad. His mom got married with another man and left the village. Then he was staying with his poor granny who was very very poor. Initially we thought of buying some clothes for him and leave him but later we found out that he is unfed and just around the village house to house. Although we did not have extra amount to support his life and studies, yet we took the risk and brought him home on September 2010. Ever since he is with us, he was admitted in school in 2011 and completed his nursery class. Likewise he completed his lower kindergarden in 2012, upper kindergarten in 2013, grade -1 in 2014 and now he is in grade-2. Soon he will be promoted to Grade-3. Now he is studying in Royal Academy, Matigara, Siliguri. We pay USD 40 for his bus and school fee each month apart from his books, dresses, and also admission fee. Soon in March during promotion we need to pay extra USD 80 for admission fee for Grade-3. He is from SANTHAL People group who are animist and Hindusm, but now Pardip has chance to became servat of God.

Below is picture of Pardip (white shirt) when he was met in the first time. Next two are pictures of Pardip now. 



Yabesh Bhutia had original name is Aryan Chakraborty. Chakraborty is last name of Bengali people group and come from high caste priestly family. They were staying in next apartment in same building where he was born. His mother was devout Hindu. When he was one year old and come to our room, his mom used to conduct some cleansing ritual as he has entered our home and be with our kids. His mom's home is in Siliguri and also from a high caste priestly Hindu nepali family. She got married to a man from Kathmandu Nepal. He went abroad for the work and never returned. Later she got message that he has settled there itself. By then they have one daughter and son. She came back to Siliguri with two kids. In the meantime she started working in FM company where she met Yabesh father. It seems he persuaded here to marry him and they got married and started living in apartment next to us. Later she found out that he is married man with grown up kids. He has also kept many such wives chidingly in different places. When she asked him to live with her, he disappeared and never returned back. We do not know where is he now. Then she had to leave the apartment and start living with her parent. 

After that her former husband turned up and wanted to restore the relationship. She narrated all the stories about the birth of Yabesh (Aryan then) but he do not want to take him along. She was in big confusion because two of her grown of kids do not have any documents from dad. For their sake, she accept the proposal and keep Yabesh with granny. But after six months, granny refused to keep him as he is very hyper active child. She has no place to keep him and finally she approached us. Again we did not have place and also resources to help him but somehow we decided to take one more risk trusting on HIM. Then he joined our family on November 2011. I made all of his documents in my name and thus he became YABESH BHUTIA in 2012. He passed his Nursery, 2013-LKg, 2014-UKg and now he is in Grade-1. Soon he will be also promoted to Grade-II after two months. We pay same fee like what pay for Pardip.